9 tips for seniors to continue living independently

Seniors continue to live independently for longer . However, this causes more accidents, mainly due to physical problems. It is important that they can continue to live safely in their homes for longer. Senior Net gives 9 tips to help seniors live at home longer.

1. Security

Firstly, it is important that the house is safe and that the house is easily accessible and accessible. Are there, for example, a lot of unnecessary things in the living room that could cause the senior to lose the overview? Are there sharp corners on furniture that can hurt him? By only making a few minor adjustments, such as removing a rug or placing protectors on sharp corners of furniture, the home can already be made safer.

2. Contact with others

Loneliness is a major problem for many elderly people. Many seniors are affected by the loss of loved ones. A daily chat or doing something together is essential for living at home longer and safely.

3. Tools

With just a few simple tools , it can be much easier for an older person to take care of themselves. Think of a medicine box with compartments for weekdays, a warming board, a magnifying glass or handles in the bathroom. By using these tools it is easier for a senior to continue to do daily activities herself.

4. Adjustments

Sometimes thorough adjustments are needed to allow a senior to live at home for as long as possible. Consider, for example, the removal of thresholds that he may trip over, the widening of a door frame if a wheelchair is required, or the placement of a stairlift if he has difficulty climbing stairs.

5. User-friendly devices

More and more user-friendly devices are coming onto the market. For example, there are telephones and remote controls with few buttons, or with a function memory that you can set to certain wishes, so that senior citizens can easily call someone close to them, for example.

6. Domotics

In addition to the devices that are becoming more user-friendly, new technologies are also being developed. Think, for example, of a bell with intercom, whereby the front door can be opened remotely. Nowadays there are also possibilities to activate lighting and heating remotely.

7. Light

Make sure there is sufficient light in the house so that the senior can see the area well. In addition, light ensures a healthy day and night rhythm. Good lighting is also important at night. Placing night lamps or a light hose in the corridor makes it easier to find the bathroom at night, for example.

8. Internet

The internet offers many possibilities. More and more elderly people use the internet and Senior Net previously gave 8 tips to do more with the internet . The internet can also be used for healthcare, for example through an online agenda for caregivers or video calling with a healthcare provider. In addition, it is easier to maintain social contacts via the internet.

9. Other assistance

There are many more possibilities for seniors to stay at home independently for longer. Senior Net offers various services, such as domestic help or a companion . We can also help you with, for example, a meal service or transport to appointments.

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